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Deep In Virtual Earth - I've Met Stranger People lyrics

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I've Met Stranger People by Deep In Virtual Earth

[Verse 1]
They know,
Nothing like you know me.
I've built these walls around myself.
Embrace the pain of an empaths soul.
Such tension builds here,
Between 'em all,
They freak out!
We greet their rumors,
Carved upon their tongues.
Well sh*t, who forgot to take their medication?
If you ever wandered in my mind,
Please stay there, I'll protect you.
Don't pull away, yes, it's all ok.
Cause I've made stranger things.
[Verse 2]
Faceless, she's praying in the church.
Invitations met to have her embrace the cold.
Her body forms, now everyone is judging.
I find I'm having, having these unholy dreams of her!
If you ever wander into my heart.
Please stay, I'll hold you.
Don't freak out or pull away,
Cause I've met these strange humans.
Don't freak out, or pull away.
[Verse 3]
Solitude, our own place of guilt.
No phase can keep us from our true selves.
I know all this is fatal to me.
I imagined you're the purest friend.
Give into me, don't choose to fade,
Stay here cause you're not alone!
If you wanna know what's on my mind.
You're here with me.
Don't pull away, it's all okay.
Please stay, I need you.
You don't ever have to leave my mind,
I've met stranger people!
Yes I've met them all.
I've met them all.
Stay here.
I've met strangers!
I need you. Yes I need you.

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