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Dee Dee Bridgewater - Strait Cadalliac Pimpin' lyrics

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Strait Cadalliac Pimpin' by Dee Dee Bridgewater

I'm so cold, i need a coat in the kitchen,
i bust 2 verses and then go to intermission,
its, no way you can provoke my vision,
i, dont play n i make a hoe pay commision,
baby, come on now you know i wrote compositions,
that make niggas wish they never spoke while i was spittin'
im so ready im 'bout to blo' from tha tensions,
like, surprise you dont even know what you gettin,
im becomin quick at gettin them positions(?)
cant thro my position, i flo' wit persitions,
its a must keep it on the low in addition,
to all my weapons and no ammunition,
MJG, and im so in attention,
i see you tryna keep me from my dough, why you trippin,
U'z a shipwreck nigga when you broke co-mission,
Jesse Jackson cant help you with the Hope Coalition
[chorus-Shannon Jones]
Well, I'm spendin' loose, (onhuh)
got nothin to loose,(onhuh)
got nothin to proove,(onhuh)
its not easy to do,(onhuh)
i got the streets in my pocket,(onhuh)
and with tha hatin, betta stop it,(onhuh)
straight cadalliac pimpin,(onhuh)
young nigga betta listen(onhuh)
[hook-8ball x2]
If i should die, before i wake,
roll me some up, make sho' im straight,
make sho' my cup feel no react,
make sho' my paper come in stacks
i come through like a mack, truck rumbling streets,
Big boy hit tracks strait pummelin' beats,
rock hard like coke in a ? ? ?
pay top dolla for the top product in deed, yeah,
turn it up and get addicted to it,
have raw music soon as you listen to it,
jump up like a ol' fat lady at church,
jump back like a uncut thang at work,
mang, hop in and take a ride wit a pimp nigga,
fire tha green up and let me shoot tha shit witcha,
talk slick, til i make a chick get the picture,
just a page outta fatboy ghetto adventure,
listen, ima titan on the mic, original them weak niggas bitin what i write,
oh lord, we goin' get it jump like revival,
survival, straight from my street bible
[hook x2]
These verses i must rip, dont slip, pimp a bitch,
put on ya look best outfit, get rich,
this here, get you outta yo' seat fa sho'
jump up, get crunk like you got tha Holy Ghost
Pay yo, collection plate, be straight, dont hate,
indicate, no shape, no plate
dont hate, pay away, make a pimp, pockets straight,
Visa, check cash, any city, any state
Deep down, in tha country, in tha hills, makin deals,
no ex-aggeration, it is what it is
Come on, you aint neva heard shit like this,
2 pimps spittin game, straight out tha pul-pit
[hook x2]
[Shannon jones singing til the song fades]

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