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Deathless - Where no sun shines lyrics

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Where no sun shines by Deathless

Death´s not just, make no difference
between the guilty ones, and the innocent ones.
There are things that human mind,
can´t overcome, for example: Death.
I remember, a desperate man
crying for a death, his son´s death.
He died, in a silent night,
looking to the stars, under four wheels.
"Now it´s time, Now it´s time for revenge"
"Tell me why, why it happened to me?"
"Oh my God, didn´t you see it come?"
"Oh yes God, if you don´t do anything,
I'll do it instead of you"
Yesterday he was a happy man,
a honest and free man,just like you, just like you.
Today he is a jailed man,
a criminal, a prisoner, he´s scum.
I'll wait for her.
I´ve got the time, to make it true.
I don´t wanna know, the time I´m here.
I don´t wanna be, out of these walls.
I only want, be waiting for her.
The imprisonnent for life, takes out my inner light,
The imprisonnent for life, takes out my life.
She´ll come one day, day.
She´ll close my eyes, eyes.
She´ll take my hand, hand.
I´ll fall in love, in love with her.
The day has come, I´ll leave my life.
My time has come, I can´t live alone.
I see her standing and I see myself.
She takes my hand, she takes me to somewhere.
Where no sun shines.

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