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Death Is Not Glamorous - Too Bad A.C. Ain't In Charge No More lyrics

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Too Bad A.C. Ain't In Charge No More by Death Is Not Glamorous

Everyone tells you "you're not goin nowhere", and no one ever gets out of this town, "it'll see you into the ground", working a dead-end job until you hit the dead end, "that's all that you can do." Take control, it's up to you. There's so much potential in you and so many things to learn, some kids asked, here's some affirmation, "THIS IS YOUR WORLD", people might try to get in your way or drag you down with them, but you can do whatever you want and dont let them get you wrong. it's high time, time to stand up tall and live, because this town is nowhere, and the world is so big, no more taking shit from anyone in your way, your parents your teachers, the jerks at school, they ain't got nothing to say. live your own life. because there's too many values accepted without a conscious choice, too many mindless songs drowning out a voice- so don't tell me you're staying down, we both know you're getting up. You say that shit has sailed? you'd better catch up

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