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Deathboy - Hey, boy lyrics

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Hey, boy by Deathboy

Hey, boy
All you wanted
You will have
Hey, boy, the dreams
you hold now
You will grab
It doesn't look
too good tonight
going to make you feel alright
The ones you want will leave you
and your friends will run away
you'll find you didn't need them
but that won't comfort you today
the way you are frustrates them
'cos when it hurts you tell the truth
but noone's going to love you
for providing them the proof
Hey, boy
You're right when you say
It doesn't get
much worse that this
it tears as much
the second time
and more the third
the fourth the fifth
I won't pretend
and I won't lie
you'll lose that
sparkle in your eye
but you'll look back
in broader times
and miss the simple life
Just let the red lights
Sing to you
Breakbeats, pain and basslines
Will see you through
if you are nothing
then what am I?
and when you're cold
and when you're tired
I'll hold you
the price you pay
for becoming
the life you lose
for becoming
the king of "f**k you all"
is that you never
sleep again
and we will never

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