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Dear And The Headlights - Sweet Talk lyrics

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Sweet Talk by Dear And The Headlights

Speak dumb like every other one
"Don't want to let you down."
I'd rather let you fall apart
And so you back off
A bit less obvious
Oh you forgot I called
Won't take it personal personal honey
I know, you've just been busy or
You need to be alone
Well you can call me when you're bored
I'll sing a song low, over the telephone
In lower decibles so you can
Hear it and hear it and hear it
And lost it thought
You've lost that privilege
With a hundred more
Hold his hand now out on that
Mission field, your hearts compatible
Mine breaks alone alone alone
Your new boyfriend,
You've got your new boyfriend
I bet he likes you more than he likes me
Cause I'm the former one,
He's the latter one
He'd never say it but it's right
Sorry, that was rude of me
Forget I said a thing
But don't forget it when you're
Starring at him
Say something you mean
Don't be polite
Kiss, kill, but nothing in between
I can't sit still and get cancelled
Got cancelled, can't sit still
Not when you've got
Speak dumb like every other one
Like every other one
Passed on, up and over
Said she did
Said she didn't come on and pass me up
Let me go, throw away, let me go
Oh it's OK not to be the same
Not to be the same
You've got him oh you've got him oh

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