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Dead Meadow lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Old Growth (2008)

Lyrics for album: Dead Meadow (2006)

Lyrics for album: Shivering King And Others (2003)

(Theme From) Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern
All Around The World
Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes And How!
Ask Me To Dance
Babbling Flower
Bad Party
Beach Party Vietnam
Beach Song
Beige Sunshine
Belafonte's Inferno
Big Deal
Big Lizard
Big Scary Place
Big Time Operator
Bitchin' Camaro
Bitchin' Camaro (The Best Thanksgiving Ever)
Bleach Boys
Born To Love Volcanos
Chaos Theory
City Of Mud
Cousin Earl
Dance With Me
Dead Milkmen
Dean's Dream
Death's Alright With Me
Depression Day Dinner
Do The Brown Nose
Dollar Signs In Her Eyes
Don't Abort That Baby
Don't Deny Your Inner Child
Fifty Things
Filet Of Sole
Girl Hunt
God's Kid Brother
Going To Graceland
Gorilla Girl
Happy Is
Helicopter Interiors
Here Comes Mr. X
How It's Gonna Be
Howard Beware
I Against Osbourne
I Can't Stay Awake
I Don't Wanna
I Dream Of Jesus
I Hate Myself
I Hate You, I Love You
I Hear Your Name
I Love You Too
I'm Flying Away
If I Had A Gun
If I Had A Gun (Hidden Track)
If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
Instant Club Hit
Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)
Jason's Head
Jellyfish Heaven
Kksuck2 (Instrumental)
Labor Day
Land Of The Shakers
Laundromat Song
Leggo My Ego
Let's Get The Baby High
Like To Be Alone
Little Man In My Head
Little Volcano
Milkmen Stomp
Peter Bazooka
Rock 'n' Roll Queen (Originally By Mott The Hoople)
Sarah Jean
Serrated Edge
Shaft In Greenland
Shapes Of Things
Shapes Of Things (Originally By The Yardbirds)
Silly Dreams
Six Days
Song For Michael's Pipe
South Bound Saurez (Originally By Led Zeppelin)
South Bound Suarez
Stupid Mary Anne
Surfin' Cow
Swampland Of Desire
Swordfish (Inc. Instant Club Hit Medley Thing)
The Badger Song
The Big Sleazy
The Blues Song
The Conspiracy Song
The Fez
The Fez (Live Version)
The Girl With The Strong Arm
The Guitar Song
The Puking Song
The Secret Of Life
The Woman Who Was Also A Mongoose
Tugena (Instrumental)
Vince Lombardi Service Center
Watching Scotty Die
Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys

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