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Dead Congregation - Graves Of The Archangels lyrics

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Graves Of The Archangels by Dead Congregation

Rotted bones turn in earth
While eye almighty gazes
Sealed behind it's lid
Bound by triangular coffin.
Rotted bones turn in the earth
Beetles crawl undivine tissue
Soil shifts by movement
Remnant seeks another
A predator's decayed wing
Decorates foreign torso
A lion's claws, old horns of ox
And a manlike face rises monstrous
Rafael, Sandalfon, Michael, Uriel
Fourfold immortality rid of life
Debased in mortal graves
In a shameful uprising rejoined
Fourfold immortality rid of life,
Fourfold renunciation of ›¿³¿Â
Fourfold blasphemy of death.
Denying their father once holy:
On arbitrary anatomy
This hideous mass rises
To replace œµÃù±Â

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