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Snitch killer Lyrics

Dayton Family


Snitch killer Song Lyrics

Snitch killer by Dayton Family

Dog barking

Verse 1
Snitchin b**ches put them in ditches
you regret you missed em
Stand off his casket, in this basket, that's his momma kissing
Old and grey, anotha day, you can boom yo gauge
Cold as hell, collecting mail, killa this so pay
Alley cats, and you rats, you be missin soon
Niggaz whom, wanna face the boom
Leavin snitches doom, its all on me, you bout 10 ki's
Say he seen my bankin
Ran my school, when I set my rules, didn't nobody break it
Niggaz nervous, cuz at yo service im'a bring you murda
Nigga bankin this b**ch is hangin, see I meant to hurt her
A-V-E F-L-I-N-T when ballers turn to b**ches
f**kin 2 b**ches, be careful who you give yo digits
Just my message, now can you catch it, can you comprehend
Facin sin, locked in the pen, you can never win
runnin free, that sh*t for me
Don't you be no dummy, tell on me
Its Mr. Greed, Ima take it from him
Send a hurse, when sh*t get worse, this gon' end wit drama
local nerves glocken on perv's then she kill yo momma
shed no tears, cut off you ears and have a bar-b-q
snitch killer, killin on snitches and bustin shots at you
He be rappin, they bout ta cap um, cant nobody stand him
Still got half of his homies head that I wanna hand him
Mutuamega, a heart breaker, snitch soul taker
Take they brains, still got game
then take a b**ch and break her

**Open up the briefcase, baby its all there.
You got 80 thousand?
You got the four birds?
Fo sho baby, im real too
You aint got all that moo that's yo head
Ahh baby we don't even get down like that, peeps fo sho tho

Verse 2
I keep my puiples , in my peepholes
b**ch ass niggas, be tryin to creep slo
Hos be on my dick for the green
Plus I keep blow
jake flake coped me a cake, that was my big break
Aint sh*t fake about me, you kno im flyin straight
Straight up, hungry for drama so sh*t get ate up
Paranoid as f**k in this b**ch and wont put the plate up
Im cautious money mack murda might make you nauseous
Boss sh*t dump on you click and b**ch we lawless
Frost bit, numb yo ass up, cuz we on some raw sh*t
Living for the lust of this game, my dope I die wit
Came up, chokin' up game, smokin' a flame up
Cutting up kokane, my niggaz doin' the same stuff
Trigger nigga, clockin to flip dollars to bigga figgas
Just like madame dame said, all about the skrilla killa
Heavyweight, dope by the freight, headed to yo state
Call me Mr. Jayca-fella, hood niggaz call me flake
The group we in, them snitchin niggaz tried to do me in
I aint goin to the hole, and wearin them county blues again
f**k the judge, I hold a grudge, im a flint thug
Me and Shoestring, the only thing we know is to go for the blood
Waved out, my neighborhood aint never played out, same rules still apply
Them rats they get sprayed out, testify
Yo next of kin will be the next ta die
Snitchin FBI spy bet not nobody asked me why

**i allready got he inside Connects on um all i need is the wire
Man get this guy some taps, whatever he needs to catch this guy
Wait a minute, Whats in the plan for me?
20 g's and the witness protection plan
Witness protection plan? 20 g's? better go head and set it up

Verse 3
Comin thru doors, steel toes, fo-fo's
Layin down niggas, and keep yo eyes closed
We grab them pesos, you plickin yo brango
Killas in kangols, niggaz get mangled
(comin thru rushin)
we hang hoes, wanna tangle for that cash
blast and mash the gas, droppin like my ashes
get past this, ho style wicked nigga with fashion
you see my pashion, is rippin the microphones and outlastin
ill cast them b**ch ass niggaz leave em as has been's
closed caskets, mind blowin like head gaskets
sh*t'll get drastic, wrappin niggaz bodies in plastic
no need for askin, get to bustin on them bastards

Verse 4

I was outlawed, brave to the skandalous streets
I raise hell, cant you tell, just to reach my peak
Im layed low, sorta like a persian rug
Cops got my phone tapped cuz they think im slangin drugs
Mean mugs on these hataz faces, load my gat
And react, like pistol that's my mental when I start a race
And hit the Hennessey wit no chaser, flip my fo like a O
I doubled it up, and I changed faces
Fight like shoelace keeping my flo locked down like mental patients
My renovation is replacin' yo playa hation
Discrimination' of a hustla'z occupation
My destination is murderin' Emcees on location

**Yo Assassin, I need some heavyweight sh*t this time dog
Wut u workin' wit??
I need about six of ‘em
That'll be about a hundred twenty thousand
Hey yo, yo hold that sh*t up, I don't even trust this guy
Before anything go down, ima hafta pat him down
sh*t I aint no??
MAN, this f**kin b**ch, this f**ker (Go, go, go)
Kill this b**ch, kill this b**ch (get in there now)
I told you this b**ch was snitchin muther f**ker
Kill that b**ch, die mother f**ker, die motherf**ker (gunshots in background)

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