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Daycare Swindlers - Rambo Cop lyrics

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Rambo Cop by Daycare Swindlers

Hey pig where are you
What's up with all the trouble
That you put me through
I try so hard to be good
I just wish i could
Policeman never let your hair down
Goose step and your shakin up the underground
Ive done no crime but still you follow me around
Rambo cop military goon squad
Rollin in the troops to the party
Down my block
Wish so hard you'd go away
Never com back pig pig pig piggie
O lord oh my god
Why does everybody have to work so hard to make it in the world today
Hey cop another cup of coffee
For you to help you wash down
Some of that food you use to feed your face
So you could go to the next donut place
You line em up, take em to the precinct
Stand in line chained to the slop sink
This time you've gone too far
Thank god i stashed my dope in yur police car
Rambo cop takin my fingerprints
Snap shots and im up against a chainlink fence
This time you've gone to far
Release me pig pig pig piggie

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