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David Wilcox - Coming Alive lyrics

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Coming Alive by David Wilcox

They open their eyes in the ocean below
They can't see the water
They don't even know why they fly
Coming alive
Caught on a hook, held in the air
Starving for breath
Finally aware of the tide
Coming alive
Our plans will fail
Our dreams will shatter
Like crashing waves upon the beach
And what remains is all that matters
The lonely wave
Becomes the sea
Coming alive
The burden we bear
Is to have to compare
The life that we live to the hope
Waiting there inside that's coming alive
The comfort we find
With our bodies entwined
Opens the soul to the touch
Of a love that's divine that's coming alive
The gift of life can see her breathing
Sweet release upon her face
And as she sighs she is receiving
The falling star, the spark of grace
Coming alive
Slowly coming alive
To the wide eyed life
Open heart, open eye
Open mind
The glimmer of stars that reflects in her eyes
How many million of light years it took to arrive
Coming alive
At the edge of what's known and the top of the veil
The place where a soul to be born
Has been waiting to fly
We're coming alive
Where we've been we don't remember
As we fall into this storm
We're taken in as we surrender to the death of being born
Coming alive

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