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Daniel Kirkley - Let Love Win lyrics

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Let Love Win by Daniel Kirkley

I look way up at the starlight
I wonder how things got turned around
And whether all that's lost
Will all be found
I think the world has gone crazy
How did we all get so far away
From letting love write the pages of our lives
I'm praying tonight
That every man has bread
And every child a bed
That those of us who have enough
Might find it hard to rest
Until every hand is held
A lovesick world, made well
Oh God, begin with me
An instrument of peace
Let love win... Amen
There are moments
I wish I'd find my heart broken
Tasting the tears of the suffering who
Must surely know much more of you than I
I'm praying tonight
Maybe it's too much to ask
Maybe it's not nearly enough
Maybe the light of the world
Can hear the prayer of just one...
And I'm only one...
Bring hatred to it's knees
Let love be all we need
Oh God begin with me... etc

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