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Daniel Kirkley - A Sacred Moment lyrics

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A Sacred Moment by Daniel Kirkley

She makes me crazy
She makes me smile
Gonna let her have my heart
For a while
She's got me dreaming
'bout what could be
Something in her touch
Brings out the best of me
Could this be love
Too soon to say
Maybe just friends, I don't know, either way
I want this to be
A sacred moment in her life
Guard her heart and treat her right
There may come a day
When she's someone else's wife
If she's not mine to have and hold
May this time we share be known as
A sacred moment
She keeps me praying
Lead me Lord
Don't wanna say and do things I'll be sorry for
God show the way
To live out Your love
Strengthen her faith, be a man she can trust
I want this to be
Till the true love of my life takes my name
Whoever's hand I get to hold
My prayer will be the same

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