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Dance Gavin Dance - Nasa lyrics

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Nasa by Dance Gavin Dance

Staring at the window panes
Russian roulette with the names on the phone
When I stare at your face, are you even alive?
Oh my god, you're so f**king intelligent
Don't you just love the use of Andy Warhol?
We always knew that we were never the best advocates
It's okay
If I'm grey today
Holy f**k, I'm impressed
Too bad I don't have a pussy to plunge in
As I sit here and stomach this
Here's a Nobel Prize, let's gamble our demise
Staring at the window paint
Russian roulette with the names on the phone
Hey you, where you from?
Nevermind, just leave me alone
I drained the well, so the town has no water
I cut the phone lines and buried the grain
I drained the blood from the fortunate ones
It's self-destruction 'cause we're all the same
"Hurry up, trade in your gold for cash
That's what everyone's saying
Don't blame me for post-economical backlash
That's what everybody's doing
Sometimes, I can't believe myself
Consequences in their purest form
I've seen it coming from miles away
I'm down with brown town
I'm down with brown town
(It's only seconds away)

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