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Daly's Gone Wrong - The Difference Engine lyrics

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The Difference Engine by Daly's Gone Wrong

Out of ordinary perception
Mortal words appear animal
Obsessed: fixated on survival
Notions that languish in the folds
Inhuman worlds are shaken
A few timeless hours - outer inner realms
Directly apprehended, unconditionally
This experience is mine
Boredom - what's your excuse?
So shaped in the hearths our lives
Your eyes through others
For a beat out of time
You listen
Through fields of the world every night
The implacable voice of unreason
Of the same alien doubt
Enduring, demonic, human
It speaks
Disturbs me
Open my eyes
Feel the absurd spectre
Thoughts of one's own death - of demise
That will not be mentioned
Fear - prepare to re-enter
Tectonic shifting sum
Fever reeling - turning higher
Persistence of false memory
Stare us into the deep dark void
Un-constricting reality
Fed on the ashes of what I thought was a lie
Pre-scient illusion struggling
Infused with meaning beyond reach
Sublime the catharsis required
Feeding the illusion
Keep the mind away
From what mattered
Until there was no difference
Between laughter and weeping
Between the nodes of his chain
Of desperate moments
Between laughter and weeping
More real than the sun

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