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Daly's Gone Wrong - A Wound That Never Heals lyrics

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A Wound That Never Heals by Daly's Gone Wrong

Mire of slime
Cancerous purulent goitre
Malnourished souls
Festering pustule lingering sore
Tired of hysterical dream
Of what this all could mean
Gather relish the death
Remaining secrets never kept
Oblivious to what is yet
Future sentience bitterness
Slogans stridently
Out of the grotesque concrete
Boiling blaring
Heinous and total war
Polarise tyrannise
Hone your ideology
No place for doubt or hesitation
Only global holocaust can appease this monster
Shacking unimaginable truth replaces reality
Disguised in the guise of justice
Holy war is the new rock'n'roll
Nazis, feminists
Extremely catholics
Haredim, panthers and homicide brothers
Right/left-wing lawyers
Funded capitalists
Gay righteous activists
Newspeak communists
Fascists, crypto-fascists, neo-fascists
Atheists, creationists
Bible-bashing cartoonists
Ready for the war grinder
All throw their oil on the fire
Nobody gives their life for a cause
It is torn away
Echoing through desolate ruins
Of recurring nightmares
After the fact no one cares
For the children of this world of hate

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