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Daily Planet - 3000 miles away lyrics

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3000 miles away by Daily Planet

3000 Miles Away
by Jesse Butterworth and Chad Reisser
New Orleans could not find the groove
In Nashville the grass did not seem blue
And Denver did not seem more than three feet high
The Empire did not scr*pe the sky
And the White House seemed gray
When you're 3000 miles away
In Boston there was no common ground
And Long Island did not make a sound
Niagara rises and Old Faithful falls
At Camden they did not play ball
But who cares if they play
When you're 3000 miles away
Your absence changes me and everything seems so wrong
But with no sense of irony I write you this sweet love song today
3000 miles away
Chicago could not muster a breeze
And there was a blizzard in The Keys
New England's charms were wasted on these eyes
I fear it came as no surprise
Because it's just another day
When you're 3000 miles away
Distance is my tutor
So well he's teaching me
In the education of appreciation
And I got my PH.D.
In Georgia you're all that's on my mind
In Cape Cod the ocean was untied
And the Motor City threw a rod
And now I'm praying to you God
Take me home to that face
3000 miles away
© 2002 Brentwood - Benson Music Publishing

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