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Da Brat - Let's all get high lyrics

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Let's all get high by Da Brat

(guy speakin)
no stems,no seeds
that you dont need
acapooca gold is
bad azz weed
Verse 1
somebody call the cops
let them know the funk bandit's back
with more bounce to the once
its the brat tat tat tat
the funk keeper
competition's sweet but know for makin speak
causin bleed smokin haloween
givin you wat you need
in deed im nice
jwelery full of ice
the industry aint been the same
since i came and sprinkle my spice
tonight's the night we gonna all get lifted
recognized the gifted and how there's no f**kin around
in the west side district
get it twisted
if you wanna choose your destiny
leave all that simple sh*t at home
and bring your f**kin best to me
cause right here playtime stops
okay, rhymes flop and and all that real-deal sh*t hits top
see im the cream of the crop, head b**ch in charge
and there aint nothin or nonody that ive barred us far
repitiore full of wicked sh*t
lay back kick it sh*t
all the right sh*t to give a nigga a hit
if you lets nuthin hold you back
and your limit is the sky
put your hands in the air and lets all get high
roll up a fat one and pass it around
lay back back hynotized to the funky sound
If you let’s nuthing hold you back
And your limit is the sky
put your hands in the air and let’s all get high
Roll up a fat one and pass it around
lay back with the brat and lets all get down
Krayzie bone:
Now roll up a sac so that we can smoke it together
Now how high can you go cause you know we can choke
Take it slow, we smoking junk
Cause you rolling wit moe
We having a celebration
We doing this all night if you wanna get away
You can play em other times
And don’t forget my niggas be doing this sh*t the thuggish way
We have you thugging where the thug lately? we krayzie
But niggas don’t drop we got the bud blaze-ay
So if you get out. better get with this crowd
I bet you wanna get weeded
f**k wit your thugs out of cleveland
Stay peyoted and tweeded them thugs we blazing we fiending
Now can you feel this connect with so so def mo thugs
My squad and yo posse my nigga we goin be alright
So come around everybody party down get down
And let that real sh*t hit yo’ chest cause I know when I get that hydro
My nigga thugsta come and give me some love
Can somebody bang and slang yo’ dog with couple of thugs from the
You wanna fly, you wanna fly, you wanna fly
We could all get high, get high
The sh*t we keep we got you hypnotized
Ain’t nobody dealin’ with me
My nigga j can get his smoke on man
Cause if we go broke you won’t feel bad
Da brat:
Yeah. but there’s enough hundreds for that to never happen in action
Certified platinum slashin’ bastards
Draw sh*t faster than eastwoods, I wish you could be like me
I broke the mo with fatality, visual sh*t that you can see
These synthetic niggas usually smoke refos with my peeps
Get deeper than any b**ch
Watch me and yo’ nigga creep
Sky’s the limits, damn them lights cause krayzie got the hydro
Inject a deadly venom grinnin’ and watch them all die slow
We non-fictional characters carry grudges till it’s dealt with
Underestimate the wrong b**ch and get yo’ sh*t spend
You better light a splife and mind yo’ motherf**kin’ business
Or get that ass put in the witness protection program
Till I’m finished, diminished
Your entourage is my level
Blindin’ like the vvs rocks possessin’ like the devil
Pushin’ custom drop-tops
Keep segante’ in the glove box
Puffin’ with crooked cops
And can’t nuthing hold me back cause nigga my sh*t don’t stop
Krayzie bone:
You wanna fly, you wanna fly, you wanna fly
i say you wanna fly, you wanna fly, you wanna fly,
we can all get high, get high, get high
we can all get high, get high, get high
Repeat until faded

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