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Cyndi Grecco - Feeling Better lyrics

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Feeling Better by Cyndi Grecco

I want to take you back to the high school gymnasium
With the freshmen and sophomores sitting on this side
And the juniors and seniors sitting on that side
And way down there
At the end of the gymnasium is the football team
And as I walk down on the red crepe paper
My high-heeled shoes are digging into my feet
And my push-up bra is digging into my ribs
And this tall, good-looking guy I'm holding onto over here
He's the basketball captain
He whispers under his breath, "Oh, shoot!"
But I keep smiling as I walk down there
Holding onto the arm of this big, strong man
See, I'm the football princess
And that's what football princesses do is smile
See, I was a freshman then
And you were one of the lettermen
The nights were warm in victory's name
I know the others knew
That heaven was to be with you
And when the deadly was in, of course
The two of us would win "Most likely to succeed"
You were going to study law
And I'd be what my teachers saw
A glowing smile, a college queen
The woman behind the man
Who seemed to need to have the best in life
Including me, a faithful wife
They planned the wedding in advance
Unafraid to take a chance that children would succeed
I'll be damned, we all pulled through
To think of all the crazy things we wanted to do
You would be a hero and I'd be a queen
Think of all the living we'd have passed up, passed by
Never would have seen it
I'll be damned, we all pulled through
To think of all the crazy things we wanted to do
Well, it may sound silly, but I tell you it's real
The older I get, a whole lot better I feel
Your hair is long and braided now
And I can hardly remember how
It felt to have smooth, shiny legs
Or what you looked like in your pegged pants
I work at a mountain school
My hammer and my mind as tools
You were living on a farm
A brand new baby in your arms
They're tight, we did succeed
The age is showing on my hands
And you've become a wiser man
Survival took us separate ways
But through the years the memory stays
Within my mind of how we looked
When we first had our pictures took
We thought the dream would never end
But now we don't have to pretend
That we will all succeed
Repeat Chorus

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