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Crystal Viper - The Anvil Of Hate lyrics

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The Anvil Of Hate by Crystal Viper

As written in the forgotten scrolls of the old faith
The truth will be waiting for you - behind the gate
Take the magic demons' dagger, to protect your men
Queen of hell will show you the way, go and find her!
Remember about the holy seven dragon's tears
The same, that hold the seven mighty deadly fears
Stars on the black sky are shining like Khalandir's torch
Devils, witches and demons are now waiting, what will be forged?
Yes, it is your fate!
Go to hell!
To find crusher of the souls
Go to hell!
You need to enter burning halls
Go to hell!
Ohh, it is time to fulfill your fate
- the anvil of hate!
The golden hammers of death will break the curse for good
You know that I would go there with you, if I could
But this is your own destiny, to break the spell
You need to wait, for the sound of the morning bell
All the torches from human bones are burning around
Yes, this is the right time, the destiny was found
To enter the red hall and to be strong like a stone tower!
Yes, it is your fate!

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