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Crystal Viper - Her Crimson Tears lyrics

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Her Crimson Tears by Crystal Viper

She was so innocent,
And full of trust
Her skin was like ivory,
Eyes were like stars
She had so many dreams, to love and to be loved
Trust and love were her only sins, don't touch, let her go!
Leave her alive!
You are not her god!
If she'll die, you'll see eternal fire of her eyes
Lost in fire's light,
Dancing with flames pure soul of burning evil's child!
Not yours anymore! Her crimson tears falling like stones
Where is god now?
Why will die, this pure heart... ?
You saw her standing here, praying so deep
Do not show her your real face!
Can't you just leave?
Say "No" to holy man! Will she burn now!
Why you did this, for god's sake! Leave her alive!
Your sins are so holy! ? Take your hands off!
You will rape and kill in god's name, she won't be yours!
She will die in flames, but her soul will never die
In your head forever alive: devil's daughter!
Now pay back your sins - you will loose your mind!
Ghosts of innocents will pull out your heart!
Feel this heat on your skin that you use to kill
- under the curse you are!
Victim of your sins be here when you'll die!

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