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Crystal Eyes - The Beast In Velvet lyrics

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The Beast In Velvet by Crystal Eyes

Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Andreas Götesson
It's the birthday of the Emperor
The cream of the realm is here,
Kings and queens with sons and daughters
It's truly a most grandiose ball,
Nobles fill the halls
Like sheep, ready for slaughter
Pre Chorus
Oh, with rising hate I watch them dance,
I watch them prance
Oh, how I loathe these haughty swine
I'll rid the world of this living grime
Peasants are saying, oh not without glee,
There's an aristocrat out on a killing spree
A noble, thirsty for royal blood they say
The Beast in Velvet I'm called by my prey
Though my fee is great indeed
I'd do this for free,
‘cause I enjoy my work immensely
Pre Chorus
Bridge 1
With wit and grace I charm these fools
Who think they're out of harm's way
None here's aware of my sins
But then again, who'd suspect a highborn prince?
Solo Both, Dahl, Both
Bridge 2
It's been so easy to lure my prey,
So to my Lord I gratefully pray
As my victim dies by my blade
Shape shifting is a useful trick in my dark trade

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