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Crushead - Insane lyrics

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Insane by Crushead

My name's insanity and i'm here to turn nightmare into reality
I like this world cause everything is so easy to do
I am your best friend as i'm your biggest enemy
You can't see me but you can feel me much more
I catch your soul i'm in your brain i just want you to go insane
Destruction is my success and the reason why i'm here
Can you feel me coming into you do you like the coldness in your soul
No concience no fear no matter what you feel
I'm inside you i control you
I'm your god so what i say is
Hey, just believe what i say
Just believe what is wrong and my fire gets along
Hey, just believe what i say
I'm inside your brain and want you to go insane
Don't ask where i'm coming from don't use your brain just let it go
I won't tell you how to stop my life i just want to survive
I'll do my very best to grap you out of your small nice world
Don't kill me your to stupid i'm the winner in this game
Hey, just...
Let my fire get along
Believe what is wrong
Just believe what i say
Hey, just...

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