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Crushead - Deep Down Inside lyrics

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Deep Down Inside by Crushead

The sun's been shining oh so bright
In your oh so protected live
And so you keep on walking
Through this live with blind eyes
You say there is grief in this world
But it's so far away
And only god can heal it
This is a price you can't pay
Can you imagine that a part of this price is you
We have to be tools of our god on this earth and that's true
Keep on watching this film
And smash the trouble in it
But i hope
One day you will realize
This world is no ground to play
Your games of innocent dreams
It's a present we have to save
For all mankind
Have you ever been in trouble
Have you ever reached the pain
I ask myself how you'll feel
When fear freezes the blood in your vains
When will you stop ignoring
The fear the grief the pain
I hope you'll show your gratitude
Before it is too late
Maybe in your eyes the people who help are the fools
I want you to stand on your feet and to break the old rules
Keep on watching...
Cause you ain't nothing but a pumpkin
When you smash this theme
And ignore the pain in your life supreme
Do you really want to hang your life down low
And not to turn whole things into a real life-flow
Just don't you be so cruel
Just use your hands as tools
Take my hand turn down your pride
I know you got this feeling
Deep down inside
Keep on watching...

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