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Crush - Caroline lyrics

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Caroline by Crush

You know it's something baby
You've always been a favourite of mine
But I can't make my world the way you make it all the time
You're my angel baby, I'm your valentine
And I'll hold you, Caroline
You know it's something baby
'Cause nobody could feel me so good
But you got me holding on like you never understood
You're my angel baby
So don't you think we should
But I know you, and I know you never would
Oh but once in a while, Caroline
She makes me some exception
And she dances around me
Oh and once in a while, Caroline, Caroline
She gives me a little attention
I got all my love my lady
I don't want to wait 'cause it's the waiting that's killing me
I'm doing so much without you
And I believe you're doing it too
But I think we could get along
And so I propse we do
You're my angel baby, if only that were true
Then I'd hold you, and you'd hold me too

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