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Crupp - A Tale For Druids lyrics

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A Tale For Druids by Crupp

Once I emerged from no man's land
Existing of shadows
Your future in my hand
Some say I was sent here
Straight from the womb
Coming to protect her in this world of doom
You burned her forests
Turned her rivers black
Killed her smaller brothers
Locked her sisters to the rack
But now the end is near
The only thing upright
Mother will not see your fight
Mother was raped
More than before
Treated like dirt
Call of a whore
Black Knight was resting
I rose again
My plague'll bring back
Agony and pain
Unleashing bloody battles
In the christian god's name
Showing no humanity,
Taking no blame
I count on Mother's vengeance
Coming over them soon
I read it in the Stars,
In the changing of the Moon
I knew She would send me,
Her great Black Knight
I abhor remorse,
I kill who's in sight
None shall I forbear, no exceptions made
With words I shall not converse,
Listen to my blade
My sword writes the odes
To mouldering decay
A song that's sung in unison
By all you, living prey
My victims shan't be buried,
They must burn!
Human kind will never learn
I looked into the future
And I saw what had to come
Human kind will always be
So selfish and so dumb
I've seen black water,
No forest to be found
No creature (living) safe and sound

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