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Crimson Moon - Carpe Noctem lyrics

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Carpe Noctem by Crimson Moon

To seize the Night
Into the Darkness thy spirit wanders through the opaque skies I ride.
Unto the Ancient moon I offer my blood before the graveside.
Carpe Noctem, spirits of the night, from the Veil of AZRAEL.
I gaze upon the grave sight, through soil and withered leaves.
The voices of evoken spirits (of the deceased) speaks to me.
I hear the voices of deceased souls as chants of demons ring... vehemently.
From the Darkness I come.
The cold and dissonant realms I am.
I am the night the calls out.
I am the red eyes that stare.
I am the dark sorcerer of funeral Summonings.
From the Nocturnal winds of Necromancy,
I call forth the dead...
may AZRAEL animate the corpse before me.
I consecrate the golem with blood,
I summon the powers of night.
Within thine funerary circle of High Necromancy
I commune with shadowed spirits.
I view what once was, what is and what will come,
through thine darkened circle
I gaze through the all seeing eye.

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