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Creeper Lagoon lyrics

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Lyrics for album: New Songs

Lyrics for album: Remember The Future Ep (Arena Rock Records) (2002)

Lyrics for album: Insound Tour Support (Insound) (2001)

Lyrics for album: Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday (Dreamworks) (2001)

Lyrics for album: Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday (2000)

A Seranade For The Tragic
A Story About...
An Other...?
Auf Der Flucht
Bequest Of The Hallow (Instrumental)
Bequest Of The Wicked (Instrumental)
Black Celebration
Black Widower
Broken Halo
Chance of a lifetime
Chinese Whispers
Dead man saloon
Do You Know
Dreams Of Dancing
Flieg' Mit Mir
Fools Paradise
Gather The Shattered
God Thoughts
Greed (Album Version)
Greed (Single Version)
Here we are
Hey sister
I Saw The Angels Fly
In My Hands
In The Flesh
Ist Es Wahr
Ist Es Wahr (Egomania Mix)
Keep from moving
King Of Misrule
Lord Of Lies
Lover's leap
My Last Words
My Soul Frayed Bare
My Way
Naked days
Never Look Back
No One Knows
Only Once In A Lifetime
Out Of Mind
Perils Of The Wind
Reflectionen (Instrumental)
Resurrection (Instrumental)
Scarlet Man
Sehnsucht (Instrumental)
Sense Of Time
She loves me not (Instrumental)
Solitary Psycho
Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten
Spiegel Meiner Seele
Suffer The Shadows
Sweet Solitude
Tears Of Time
The Beginning Of The End
The Colour Still Unwinds
The Fruits Of Ill Virtue
The Game
The Holy One
The Instruction
The Loss
The Prophecy
The Way Of All Flesh
Through My Soul
Through My Soul (Lost Soul Mix)
Track Comments To 'chiaroscuro'
Track Comments To 'shadows'
Trugbilder (Instrumental)
Under the tracks
Up all nights
Utopia (Instrumental)
Welcome To...
Where Are You Now
Wrecking ball

Lyrics for album: Watering Ghost Garden Ep (Spinart Records) (2000)

Lyrics for album: I Become Small And Go (1998)

Lyrics for album: I Become Small And Go (Nickelbag 1998, Dreamworks 2000) (1998)

Lyrics for album: Creeper Lagoon Ep (Dogday Records) (1997)

Lyrics for album: Creeper Lagoon Vs The Dead C (7 Lp, Ratfish Records)

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