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Crash Street Kids - '77 Mercedes lyrics

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'77 Mercedes by Crash Street Kids

You! Won't you get into my car
You know your gonna go far, baby you're really a star you see
And I want in your fantasy
I could use a girl like you
You've done some work on the stage, I bet you were all the rage
But I gotta see more than your 8x10 or I may never call again
So let's drive...
If you trip under the lights under Mullholland drive tonight
'Cause I know the right people it drives you wild inside
So high
1977 was a pretty damn good year
And I still drive my Mercedes Benz
Carry a silver spoon... a little Tanqueray
And out of all the girls I chose you
Get in the back of my car, how much do you want this part?
Show me how much you are the one who wants it more than anything.
I'll let you know
You'll never make it without me
Oh, no

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