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Crashdog - Career lyrics

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Career by Crashdog

Hey there missy what's that on your mind?
I see you tossed out all your papers and gotten out of line
You wanna throw your life away looking for a sign
Think of all you're risking just to have a spine
They talk, they talk, they talk, they talk
They shove it in our ears
They say you gotta feed your dreams
To the jaded beast, career
But when you're sitting at the helm
Of some misguided corperate plot
You'll not know what victory is
You'll know what it's not
Come here sonny we like to start 'em young
You gotta rise above the rest, you must be number one
I still remember the words my wise pappy said to me
"i've no time for play, child, work's my destiny"
Wake up mom and dad, can't you understand?
Would you rather have your children under the command
Of some grinding oncler with another thneed
Or living unrespectably for what they believe?
Now i believe in hard work, fingers to the bone
But it's gotta be for more than just my greed alone
Or even worse than that, empowering some suit
I'd like to see the love of money underneath my boot

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