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Craig David - 2 Stepz Back lyrics

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2 Stepz Back by Craig David

You know I'm the kind of guy that does from 9 till 5
workin real hard cos thats the way i live my life
back home just me and u girl all alone
with no-one interruptin, switch off the phone
but i could be that other guy
who comes home late nite after nite then tells u lies
so why u trippin out, on me girl all the time
wen everday its only u, thats on my mind oh
Every time we take 1 step forward u take 2 stepz back
every time its right u bring left back oh
girl u really ought 2 think about it
cuz theres really no doubt about it
u kno ive been there 4 u,and thats the truth ( x2 )
u kno ur the kind of girl that doesnt need 2 front
keep it real just let me kno just wat u want
sometimes u just dont kno wen 2 stop
u worry so much over nothin'
u risk losing wat u got
now cant u c theres no other girl
i think ur the most beautiful woman in the world yeah
but u say i dont appreciate ya
and i dont kno how 2 treat ya
we dont do the same things we did no more
Chorus x2
It wasnt that long ago, u told me that u luv me so
dont forget all the nights we shared
wen u told me girl just how much u cared
U think im bein led astray, but thats the way players play
Im not that kind of man why cant u understand cos i
want u 2 trust in me, baby girl cant you see
you only gonna mess things up
you hve done enough why cant u stop cuz
ur gonna lose wats good for u
and thats the last thing u wanna do
wont find another like me oh
chorus (x2)

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