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Tenn points Lyrics

Cool Breeze


Tenn points Song Lyrics

Tenn points by Cool Breeze

[Intro - Peaches]
Hey playas, this is Peaches
And we comin' up on the new millennium, year 2K
And I'mma give you 3 points to keep you in the game
Point 1 - Call and meet, ??, pay ya debt
Point 2 - Don't hate the haters
They cloudin' your judgement
And 3, never let 'em know what you're thinkin'

[Cool Breeze]
Hey, I was introduced to fame by way of mouth
I was rappin' on this tape, and the rap was about
How for my folks, and for mine, I forever stay down
And represent this town, and for that, I'll be crowned
It's been known that my attitude'll reach it's peak
That's right
But never has it once stopped the way that I think
I know the speakers addin' bricks to the path you lay
And to be is to live everything you say
I read once that if you die, the people couldn't forget
That your eternal flame will forever stay lit
One day I'll leave this place and add another star to the sky
But all of my creations, they never would die
I told you dirty Jed Clampett tried to front me some weight
This time he pushed me in his house, and had it layed on the plate
He had stacks of it packed all down in these crates
Stampin' BDF, nothin' but that flake
See, the only way the Southcoast will ever become
We gotta all come together, and become as one
When they say "What's your name?"
We say "Where you from?"
When they "What you say?"
We say "Come get some!"
We make any click or crew, run and call the cops
Picallo said play with the bomb, and y'all get knocked off top
History is proven and will lead you right
The acts you commit will be recorded for life (for life)

1 - You did it before, you'll do it again

Repeat 1 (16x)

All this pain got me goin' through recovery
Withdrawl pains from my ghetto life and concrete streets
Get it how you live, I live hard, that's how I get it
Execute them punk niggas that ain't wit it
Straight thuggin', my face wrinkles, my mind sprinkles
Mounds livin' off the track, shinin' it like twinkle
Ride the beat, 160 like my white Impala
Hit that spray and leave them niggas for them dollas
I can't explain why, but Tangaray and ??
Bring out the mothaf**kin' dog in the real niggas
Do you remember Rap used to be so fun sh*t?
Now niggas gettin' killed over who they run with
Run with me, and see if I give a f**k though
Wicked when I kick it, most expected to do dope flows
Underground, treasured by the ones who listen to it
Respected in the field by them soldiers who really do it
I'm on the frontline, moral for the troops
Makin' niggas lace their boots, and hit they mark when they shoot
Lord forgive me, but my people must defend their people
It's gonna take mass destruction just to see we all equal
Forty days and forty nights, we gon' fight and get wreckless
If I die, fresh play, and I will be ressurrected
Eyes red as fire, flash the grill for the non-believers
And we gon' let the child lead us, let the child lead us

Repeat 1 to fade

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