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Conway the Machine - S.E. Gang lyrics

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S.E. Gang by Conway the Machine

sh*t you cook up a brick to
Cocaine paradise, nigga (They know who the illest nigga doin' this sh*t), look
I pulled up in that Wraith, the interior on some red and white sh*t (Hah)
This for them niggas still eatin' while duckin' fed indictments
Backwood full of pressure, with Melec, I need the Dred's enlightenment (Roll up)
I get through whatever crisis, I used to peddle white sh*t (Talk to 'em)
Yeah, told the connect I need some better prices
I cashed out on eleven twice, it's like my bread is righteous (My bread is good, papi)
You violate, you put your head in vice grip
If it's smoke, no, we can't rectify sh*t, we shoot FNs 'til you dead and lifeless (Brrt)
Plug sent a box, I told him expedite it
I just opened up another trap, you see how many jobs I just provided? (Hahahahaha)
You not a boss, homie, you just a sidekick
Step inside, it's Machine, niggas start buggin' out, my gun on some pesticide sh*t (Pssh, pssh, pssh)
Couple niggas died from your set, but you ain't never slidin'
I'm just warmin' up, I'm merely exercisin' and I just decided (Hah)
I'm the new king of this sh*t, feel I'm the best since '96 (Woo)
Used to have no electric, now my shows electrifyin' (Hah)
Niggas postin' all these cars, don't post no paperwork (What that paperwork, nigga?)
I'm from May block, that's how you know my Draco work (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Niggas get sh*tbags, zipper on stomach, staple work (Hold that, pussy)
We already know you b**ch, so we gon' raise your skirt (You pussy, nigga)
My young b**ch pussy taste like Sprite, she said, "Obey your thirst" (Hahahahaha)
I act a fool in that pussy like it's April 1st (I beat that sh*t)
Back on that Nash sh*t and not the one that played with Dirk (Big Nash)
I do the shootin', before rap, I sold yayo first (Brrt), Machine, b**ch
I stayed alert, my gang down to tangle, bangers put stains on shirts (Brrt)
You ain't a shooter, nigga, you Ben Simmons, the J don't work (Uh-huh)
With the Draco, I'm like Jose Canseco, the way I played in dirt
I made it work (Nigga), before I slid home, I lined the bases first
Shame on her, can't compare bags with my b**ch if it ain't no Birk' (That ain't it)
This ain't no smirk, rap niggas call me Mr. Make-You-Change-Your-Verse
Was in both lanes 'til I jumped out the dope game, but maintained the perks
Angels perched on project buildings where killers get halos earned (Damn)
Top execs know what my label worth, my name next to my date of birth
On the contract, cost seven figures, but eight with merch (Money)
Before your record deal, you was gangster first? Ain't no way on Earth (Pussy)
Parade and lurk in Hellcats and Trackhawks like we playin' Durk
After we snatch a piece of this game by doin' sh*t classically
On behalf of me, it's gon' be murals by Mirò Napoli
Off a half a key, I live lavishly, money came rapidly (Real sh*t though, real sh*t)
When the dope fiends come and spend cash with me, they call me "Your Majesty"
In prison, was the youngest (Youngest), that's how I did it, I learned the business from the hustlers (I did)
Crazy, I knew the most, but still, I was the humblest
I talk heavy sh*t, nigga, get a plunger (Hahahaha)
You don't know sh*t about countin' a quarter mil' in hundreds, gettin' a feelin' in your stomach
Feel like Lebron in Miami, tryna bring one home for the family (For family)
I did it, but had to leave to come back to do it, but y'all don't hear me (You don't hear me)
Better tell them niggas, this time I'm ready, Gucci with Kevlar in it (I'm ready this time, nigga)
You f**kin' punks won't get another run until Griselda finish, the Butcher
Ayo, my nigga said he just seen fifteen with the stamp (Ah)
My only thought was, "We ain't over there yet" (True story)
Without that PSI, we ain't bool at all (Uh-uh)
So what, he out with his family, nigga? Shoot 'em all (Brrt, ah, shoot 'em all)
Shoot 'em all (Brrt, ah, shoot 'em all), shoot 'em all (Ah, shoot 'em all)
The kids walk in the door, f**kin' shoot 'em all (Brrt, ah, shoot 'em all)
We took his whole locker, had him under pressure (Ah)
They just offered my nigga thirty, not a second lesser (Ah)
We buried Shay and Kutter got knocked the same day (Free Kutter)
So when it come to a f**k nigga, I don't play (Uh-huh)
Two hundred rounds (Brrt), sh*t, you know the name (Brrt)
S to the E to the— sh*t, you know the gang (You know the gang)
Everybody with me locked and loaded (Boom, boom, boom)
My OG just came home, that nigga money-moded (Ah)
Bought some work, it wasn't good, but I resold it (I resold it)
You lookin' good in the foreign 'til they repoed it (Skrrt, 'til they repoed it)
Me and Shots had just built, I told him, "Keep goin'" (Keep goin')
Niggas hopin' I fall off, they better keep hopin' (f**k them niggas)
sh*t, I should've smoked (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, should've smoked)
sh*t, I should've smoked (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, should've smoked)

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