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Lyrics for album: New Songs

Ain't No Love In My Heart
All My Friends
Another Murder In Los
At The Motel Fucking
At Your Home To Your Dome
Baby Are You Still Down
Back To Robbing
Bad Dreams
Beneath The Darkness
Bitch Ass Rappers
Blood Diamond
Boss Of Bosses
Bout To Cook
Brown Monster
C Rock Is Up In Paris
C Rock Turnt Up
Caine Is Raw
Call It What You Want
Call Me The Warlord
Can't Stop Won't Stop
Catching Up
City Heat
City Lights
Close To Being Perfect
Coins Like Judas
Cold Blooded Love
Cold Hit
Coming Up In The Ghetto
Constantly Armed
Corner Warlord
Crazy With Guns
Crime On My Mind
Crime Writer
Cross The Street
Cuando Ando Bien Loco
Dark Corner
Death Notes
Demon Possession
Devil's Playground
Devils Night
Did I Sell My Soul
Die In My Varrio
Dirty Wars
Do You Still Care
Drink With Me
Droga A Domicilio
Eight Million Stories
Ejecuciones Imparables
El Barrio Mas Chingon
Endangered Species
Escribo Rimas Criminales
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Ones
Everybody Know
Face The Music
Fatal Dream
Fearsome Reputation
For Life I'm Ruthless
For The Money Homie
For The West Side
Fresh Off The Block
G Music
Game Over Ese
Games Fucked Up
Gang Racketeers
Gang Sweeps
Going Off Like That
Gotta Gotta
Half Ways To The Grave
Hannibal Lecter
Hard Hitter
Have I Sinned
Heads Gonna Roll
High Calibur Exclusive
Homie Killing It Well
Hood Life
Hood Premiere
Hoover Park Ways
Hot On The Trail
House Of The Wicked
How Many Did I Smoke
I Ain't Going Out Like That
I Am The Southland Super Mix
I Bring The Spirits
I Did You Wrong
I Get Hood
I Got A Baby On The Way
I Sold My Soul
I'll Make You Famous
I'm Burned Out
I'm Nothing Without You
I'm On Some Real Shit
I'm Still Higher Than Ever
I'm Strung Out
I'm What You Bumping Right Now
I'm Wicked
I've Been Gone Nine Summers
It Takes More Than That
It's Hostile
It's Midnight
Keep This Shit Alive
Killer From The West
Leave This Life
Life Is A Maze
Living And Dying
Lonely At The Top
Long Halloween
Lost My Mind
Love Is A Battlefield
Loyal To The Game
Magia Negra
Malas Noticias
Mark Of The Beast
Medal Of Honor
Mi Vida Es Un Desmadre
Minutes Away
Murder Rap
Music Is My Bitch
My Notorious Status
My Territory
Narcotic Flow
Need A Pain Killer
Next Level
Nine Millimeter
No Casket
No More Nightmares
No Rest For The Wicked
Nobody Move
Notes From Psychopath
Notorious Enemy
Nowhere To Run
One Ton Stone
Package Pure
Partner In Crime
Point Of Chaos
Popping Off At The Venue
Posted At The Gates
Potential For Violence
Price Of Blood
Prince Of Thieves
Prison Or Exile
Protect The Territory
Prowl The Streets
Psycho Realm
Puffing P Dogs
Ramblings Of A Insane Person
Rap Magazine
Remember Back In The Days
Riot Coming
Robbery Suspect
Running The Streets
Savage Darkness
Serve Dope
Siguen Los Sicarios
Ski Mask Boy
Sleep With The Fishes
Slick Talking
Smoking Weed On The Beach
Sniper Every Verse
So Behold
So I Kissed Her
So Raw
Some Might Say
Somos Rivales
Speed Of Light
Stab In The Dark
Still I Stand
Stormy Thursday
Stranger To Death
Strangest Dream
Survival Mode
Tell It Like It Is
Territorio Del Crimen
Terror Land
That's My Dog
The Bad Guy
The Beast Within
The Blade Itself
The Conjure Man
The Eagle Has Landed
The Getaway
The Harder They Fall
The Necromancer
The Night Is Young
Thee Insurgency
There Coming To Get Me
They End Up Losing
Think Quick
This Gun For Hire
This Holy Ground
This Is What It's Like
This Killer Vicious
Through The Cementery
Too Much Beef In The Game
Trigger Finger Of Death
Try To Play Me
Tunnel Vision
Turn Around
Two Capsules Of X
Under The Bus
Urge To Kill
Use Me
Venom Flow
Victim Of A Circumstance
Wait In Vain
We Like The Yakuza
We Make It Rain
We Riding Low
Weed Got Me Mellow
West Side Assassin
What War Is All About
What You Expect Of Me
What You Up Against
When The Angels Fell
When The Devil Rides
When The War Began
When Things Fall Apart
While The Enemy Sleeps
Wild West
Winds Of Death
With The Business
Wrong Place Wrong Time
Year Of The Flood
You And Me Not Meant To Be
You Learn Quick
You Making Trouble
Young In The Calles
Young Poet
Zone On Lock

Lyrics for album: Dead End Gangster (2008)

Lyrics for album: Fallen Angel (2001)

Lyrics for album: City of Angels (1999)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Lyrics for album: Revenge Served Cold

A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home
Adjective Song
All Sinks In
Angel Of Death
Another Souvenir
Any Day Now
Between The Rainbows And The Rain
Bitter Pill
Black To Blue
Borrowed Time
Brighter Worlds
Carry My Picture
Catch Fire
Choose A Side
Comfort Home
Cowboy Cadillac
Curly's Train
Daddy Cut The Big One
Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind
Darker Days
Dial It (Instrumental)
Doin' You
Dull, Brown, & Grey
Elvis And Andy
Ever Want Me To
Eyes On The Ground
Fifth Fret
Find Out
Fine Tuning
Friendly Time
Fun Games
Get A Gun
Gonna Take A Lie
Hang On
Harry Lee
Hats Off
Hey Wow
Hey You
Holding Pattern
Home Today
I Got You
I Hate Rap
I Suppose
I'll See You There
I'm Diggin' It
If It Crumbles
Inside My Head
Jesus And Mama
Just Like That
Just Like Us
Ladies Love Outlaws
Lay Me Down
Let It Go
Living In The Past
Logan Street
Much Easier
New Boy
On Your Honor
One Good Reason
One Simple Word
Ot2 (Instrumental)
Over There
Pretty Rough
Queen Of Charades (Instrumental)
Queen Of Memphis
Running Mary
Saturday Nite
Saturday Nite (Usa)
Scotty's Lament
See Ya
Set The Stage
She Never Cried
She Took It Like A Man
She Treats Her Body Like A Temple
Simple Man
Something To Say
Soul Reactor
Speak To Me
Stand Up Man
Still Life
Still One Outlaw Left
Stone Cold Yesterday
Take A Bow
Ten Pins
The "r" Word
The Big One
The Joke
The Leper
Thick As Thieves
Three Verses
Time Off For Bad Behavior
Tonight Is Mine
Too Gone
Too High
Toss A Little Bone
Toss A Little Bone (Party Mix)
Trashy Women
Unspoken Words
Upside Down
Waiting My Turn
Wasted Time
What Brothers Do
What Do You Want?
When And Where
When You Leave That Way (You Can Never Go Back)
White Trash With Money
Wonder Why

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