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Complete Control - Sick And Tired lyrics

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Sick And Tired by Complete Control

I'm sick of everyone
I'm tired of you
Actions of effort
But what am I trying to prove
City to city
And everywhere
With no direction
And I'm nowhere near
Near the end
I'm sick, and I'm tired.. [x3]
I'm sick, I'm tired of you
Go ahead and tell the world
No one will listen
I've tried again and again
But silence always wins
Preoccupation is the only way
To keep your mind from wandering f**k away
f**k away..
Don't wanna live like that
Do I already
If so that would explain the self hate
These rhythmless words
They have no tone
Randomly beating
Meaningless thoughts at no control
No control..
I'm tired of you
Tired of you
And I'm so tired of you
Tired of you
And we're so tired of you

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