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Coheed And Cambria - The willing well ii: from fear through the eyes of madness lyrics

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The willing well ii: from fear through the eyes of madness by Coheed And Cambria

What is this that I feel and what is this that I fear?
In these arms that whored out amongst the worms
That mate in these fields
From pressure to pain I wish to stay awake
In the measure I test with your love for me
Shot against these walls
With hope that one will break fear
So hear me...
What is this that you keep selling me, boy?
I'm not gonna hold your hand here when you walk
You'll burn in hell while they're digging you out
So picture this face and burn it to flake
To shelter it at home at the fireplace
And all but memory will fade
With the flick of the flame
So I have a secret that no one should know
But I should tell
But of all the... but of all the worlds
This one won't feel...
This one just won't leave me well
In the press of your back
Do you feel the shore swell?
Oh boy, I'm eating my way back home
As father told son in the make of his final escape
Should all good boys die with God at their side,
At the grace of his gates?
No, the Robot holds none with the mind
And a heart to comply
Then I will disguise and grieve of those dead
When I'm given the time
Run little rabbit...
Go hide in the blades of that grass...
Run rabbit run
Should capture be our earnest fault?
Breathe up through lust and I'll find your cure
In there I'll kill... in there I'll kill
With your last breath of air
As the Earth comes trembling down
Would you give her this last night
And give up your life
No one runs faster than you can
No one runs faster than you
No one runs faster than you eat
To the end with you... to the end with you

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