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Cock Sparrer - Closedown lyrics

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Closedown by Cock Sparrer

I am a product of the sixth degree
Don't you wish that you were me
I go for a walk and then I watch TV
'Til it's time to have my tea
I watch all the adverts splashed on my screen
But they don't mean a thing to me
It's a joke it's a scream a rotten scheme
So I close my eyes and dream
Hey hey hey I'm sitting in a night-club
Hey hey hey I'm drinking champagne
Hey hey hey somebody calls me it's closedown time again
Hey hey hey I'm on the Riviera
Hey hey hey soaking up the sun
Hey hey hey somebody calls me closedown channel one
They tell me of such sweet delights
You can buy with credit cards
Write a cheque push a button sign a dotted line
For a holiday to the stars
Buy a house buy a car lots of luxuries
Someone even bought the company
They make me cry they make me scream
So I close my eyes and dream
I can't take no more of this temptation
I wanna have my share
I'll buy my old black mask and my cowboy gun
In a short while I'll be there
I'm here in the bank and I'll smile with glee
If they give all the money to me
The bells go off and the cops came in
And they're telling me to freeze
Hey hey hey down in the station
Hey hey hey throw away the key
Hey hey hey what a toe rag closedown time for me

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