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C-Murder - Nl iggaz lyrics

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Nl iggaz by C-Murder

f/ Afficial
[C-Murder talking]
What's happn' yo what's happn' nigga oh salt shakin' ass muthaf**ka
nigga talkin' bout keep it real nigga this the realest sh*t you
gonna run up on ya dig TRU nigga what's happn' No Limit forever
lil' daddy it's cool let me holla at ya dawg check this real sh*t out
Nigga nigga I'mma rider never gave a f**k about the other side
Me & my niggas we love to get high
An break the rules
Like fools on a mission cause we thugged out & trapped
I only give my real niggas dap
Me & my click is so close it's f**ked up
My nigga Nu got drunk & yet we all throwed up
An showed up ready to blow some sh*t up like Castro
These niggas bout to straight get plucked
I'mma millionaire
These ghetto niggas put me there
Showed me love
Nigga pass the dub
It's a TRU thang
Respect it like your last name
Or get touched boy
I don't give a f**k boy
No Limit niggas we thug niggas we love niggas
TRU niggas on a mission muggin' in club niggas
No Limit niggas we thug niggas we love niggas
TRU niggas on a mission don't give a f**k nigga
[Afficial group member #1]
Pull out the Porsh chicks run to the car
Blow my smoke to the sky blazin' dutches cigars
I got the street in my veins my block runs thru my blood
Plead guilty to tha charges when I'm facin' the judge
f**k it I'll do the sentence lift weights & read books
Make me a millionaire in jail wit a mill on my books
Only understand crooks ya'll niggas is suckers
I'm in a booth waitin' for a CEO to front us
I got the hood relyin' on me not to mention myself
So if the drug game dead I can rely on my wealth
Nine outta ten niggas is haters I'm the other one
Like startin' fires that blazes & stackin' my funds
[Afficial group member #2]
Uh hu I bet ya'll love the way I flips em' out
Funny guy hu now watch how these clips come out
I done took it where ya'll can't go now how bout that
I done turned these straight up niggas into stumblin' cats
An they mad at me cause they say I spit it to rough
An throw it at you like a chick who don't get it enough
What is it X-ray vision the way I see thru this cats
That's why I roll wit thugs who love the squeeze them mac's
Remember back til' when we hid them stacks in alley ways
Now we keep that dough comin' & goin' like holiday's

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