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C-Murder - Back Up lyrics

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Back Up by C-Murder

Bob ya head to this
Bob yo head to that
They say I'm crazy
But they can't faze me
Them chicks be lovin' me
Cause I be thuggin' see
I'm just a Cut Boy
I hang in the Cut Boy
I test em' up Boy
Cause I don't give a f**k Boy
Hook 2 (2x):
Now,Back the f**k up
Throw ya hood up
Back the f**k up
Now nigga what
Verse 2:
I ain't trippin'
Naw, nigga never
Any kind of weather
Wind or whatever
I'm way too clever
Status too lifted
Talented and gifted
You tossed it, I pitch it
A hog in the dog
Ball, fall and ball
I touch all of y'all
Duck off in the fog
Sippin', a lil' tipsy, like Nipsy
Fortune Teller said it look bad
She was a Gypsy
Mean like Feind
A gangsta, Nawha mean?
Underground, tell I'm Under the ground
XL:(Keep The MainStream)
Pistol packin', Totin', Smokin'
Cuttin', Throatin', Soldier
I told ya, back up Rova, It's over
Hook2 (2x):
They say I'm crazy(Uh Huh)
But they can't faze me(Fa Sho)
Them chicks be lovin' me(Keep it real)
Cause I be thuggin' see(Wile Out)
I'm just a Cut Boy(What ya do)
I hang in the Cut Boy(Them what)
I test em' up Boy(Yeah)
Cause I don't give a f**k Boy
Hook 2x
Verse 2:
Watch me
Flippa, Flippa
Treat em' like a doubie
Rollit and spin it fast
Just like a Oozie
Ain't gone let it Blues me
Let nothin' get to me
Come back hard and star in my own Movie
If ya think ya know me Man
You don't know me
I done seen it all, And done it all
Ain't nothin' you can show me
I roll with high rollers
And Purser Snatcha's
Cut Boys, homie that still cause throwbacka's
B.G. skeeza's that count cheese and hold Keys
Screamin' C, Please let me see ya enemies
I keep it real like Murda Dog and Black Dog
I'm attack dog, waitin' to jack and whack y'all
Verse 3:
Ridin' down the wrong way
Down a one way on a Sunday
With a A.K., with the Bass Hay(Hey!)
Wildin' Out, Wildin' Out boy
With a pocket full of stones
I'm in the zone
Do the Gangsta Walk(O.K)
Do the Gangsta Bounce(Alright)
Now show ya Gold's boy
Mean Mug that fool
Now show ya Gold's boy
(ooks 1 and 2)
Once again, you have been listening to
An XL and C-Murder collaboration
Ya Know
I told him, if he get me the vocals
I could hook him up, ya heard me
Holla, Holla...(Fade Out)

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