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Chuckie Akenz - What's Life lyrics

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What's Life by Chuckie Akenz

[Chuckie: talking]
Alotta people like to say things, you know,
Judge you and shit,
They don't know you aye man,
You don't know what its like to,
Put yourselves in his shoes, Yeh
[Verse 1:]
Yo, now just listen to my words and please understand,
I was raised as a thug so I can't be a man,
I'm labelled as the low-west, scum of the earth and,
It's law how was cursed the day I see birth,
And I'm finding it hard when I try to fit in,
I live life as a thug so where do I begin?
It's off and I'm disapproved straight in the face,
And I wondered sometimes what I'm doing in this place,
I know, life ain't easy but I can't get a break,
I've lived through it all, do I got what it takes?
I've experienced drugs, I've experienced violence,
Passed the beyond, I've cried tears in the silence
Watched my mother cry as I bring her home struggles,
Everyday of life is the same fucking rubble,
Losing bits of me, every second life passed,
And I'm always here sitting alone
And I ask
What's life when my world come crashing on down?
What's life when I'm still here pumping around?
What's life when my dreams is too high to reach
What's life when I don't understand with the tears?
What's life when I can't have no one to hold
What's life when your days just passing by slow?
What's life when I can't see the drop at night?
What's life when I keep on asking what's life?
[Verse 2:]
I'm a ghetto thug son,
I gotcha nearly queerly,
And it seems so wet when the gangsters get teary,
Lots of people think I'll live as happy as can be,
I wish I really could pass the things that I see,
The things that I've done, I can never forget,
It's like the first moment

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