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Chronology - Legacy Of The Ancient Gods lyrics

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Legacy Of The Ancient Gods by Chronology

Pictures and strange unknown words
I wonder what they can say
A language that I've never heard
But I have to try to solve this mystery
No way I can make it alone
I need someone to help
My mind is cold like a stone
Strange calm that I'be never felt
My old friend who taught me before
In my childhood years
Together we can open the door
Together we will find the key
[The linguist:]
After two long, sleepless nights
The secret I still can't unfold
There are so many never seen marks
Though I'm a linguist I can't break the code
Only traces can I give to you
Only some little parts
Use them to find the truth
My mind slowly turns into dark
One piece means nothing at all
Try to collect them now
It's a puzzle, make it whole
I'm so tired I can't help you more
Pictures and strange unknown words
Where do they try to lead me?
Strange concern between two worlds
I collate the pieces to unfold it
Maybe there is another way
But it's so insane
The guards didn't just keep the gate
They played a dangerous game
Maybe „Gate" stands for the „Eye"
And the word „Keepers" means „Guardians"
What if they could rule the time
And use it to travel there and back?
But it's all so weird... Can anyone tell is it real or just imagination?

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