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Chronology - Father Godthart lyrics

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Father Godthart by Chronology

Well at last I see much clearer now
But I need someone to tell me how
To carry on my way
It's the first scene and I'm here again
I'm looking for the librarian
To help me find my way
Here's the book I give it back
But you must help to understand
What it's all about
The Guardians, the Eye Of Time
The solution I still can't find
There are so many doubts
[The librarian:]
I can't see the truth
How could I help you
You'll must move on
When the time has come
I've heard about an order
So far away from here
I've heard about their leader
This creature frightens me
His name is Father Godthart
I saw him once before
I felt in him there's something evil
Something wrong
I don't think you see much clearer now
I'm sorry I can't tell you how
To carry on your way
I suggest you stay here for the night
Relax until the morning light
Don't you run in vain

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