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Chino XL - A real gangster and me lyrics

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A real gangster and me by Chino XL

Chino: Hey u Mr.D, hey u, hey pussy. come here fool,
Gangster: are you talking to me?
your the one who got boised by 2pac and now u tryin 2 f**k with me!
Chino: 2pac sucked everyones dick and then he wanted to try mine.
i didnt let him, so he went into a life of crime.
Gangster: yeah, yeh what ever, i already know u chat cr*p!
u give it u survived the shoot out, when in actual fact i got u in your knee
chino: look man im really cool now, but u continue to open your mouth,
im a slaughter u like il do to a cow.
Gangster: thanks for da compliment, cows' my middle name.
but if u were to f**k with me then your face wont look the same.
WestSide for Life, b-b-baby

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