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Chingo Bling - Osama!! Who Got The Keys To My Humma?? lyrics

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Osama!! Who Got The Keys To My Humma?? by Chingo Bling

U know I'm from ther
I'm hidin from my underground locations why drop my
Underground tapes, I will not command on my horn until
The kingpin is drop,
Nuthin but chingo de mayo, this are my demands, tell
Your leader, I will not come on, until the kingpin is
Who go the keys to my humma
Who am I
Chingo bling
Lil puto
What am I
Tamale kingpin puto
I mean the buddah I'm but to wreck
Throu a on ya name a rames I may pico de gallo, tamale
Kingpin (yes! ) chingo de mayo, (chingo de mayo) is
Finally here, from the cities on chip and watchin the
Spear, and every yellow chart bart simpson round my
Neck, did the album in a week, microphone is a little
Wreck, so many can fest, so many pack stedts, I can
Have a show a mundos, and start my own band, ooh chingo
That's a million dollar mouth piece, I said I know cause
I represent the south east, south south east, the south
South east, can't cut no more birds mom is all outta
Grease, I watch a crazy in the back of a blazer pack in
A razor, and lil kids love that I'm back bad nigga, I
Ain't worried by haters, I post it up on coesha, got a
Deal with corea tryin sold it to asia.
I get stress in the morning
Alligator swallow patas, you seems, we p**sed if perv
Full of chata, when I get a sl*t, I make a start a cut,
Am a mejican king top and homie dollar trumph, so many
Get fests, do many pack tests, do I showin a rap, and
Sell out I cannot stand even if I stat you can never
Catch up, I'm hot you not, we will never not sure, I
Really don't know what this haters pay, they can paid a
Little eye when I escape the...
It's the toe lil fella, ridin winnin guella, b**ch I
Didn't tell ya I can pull out a acapella, I'm headed to
The camper y la migra me la pela, chevy makavella on
Twenty escapella, who wait like drech press landin tres
Leches, (and chingo bling hit it) oh mama oh yes, si
Chingo bling all in the cut with halle berry, his swiss
And dig it all in the pot, like dingle berry, si chingo
Bling will runnin the river like huckle berry, I heard
Chingo for president uhh, that's very scary, is the poor
Chingo bling profesor chiflado, el mero mero ghetto
Vaquero del freestyle,
So party in anyguere, haters not a loud, they need the
Lass out fo boom chi chi pow, boom boom bow boom boom
Boom boom bow, I'm still in the how u like me now...

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