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Chingo Bling - American Pie lyrics

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American Pie by Chingo Bling

(Chingo Bling)
Aqui mero culeros/
It's the ghetto vaquero/
El compadre Chingo Bling, Mike Jones, y Paul Guero/
We like bad hoes/
We ride 24's/
The kind that don't stop jes sir we ride those/
(Bloop Bloop)
Drip drop, candy paint and flip flop/
Alligator trench coat, with ostrich gym socks/
Mi disco Tamale King Pin is in sto's/
Ain't no bootlegger gon' get my dough/
North side of H-Town, North side Tamaulipas/
Some call it chitlins, but we call it tripas/
Got beef by the pound, chicken by the ounce/
We headed to Fiesta in the Regal top down/
Got a tortilla with a lobster tail hangin' out/
That's how we do it down south, no tiggity top now/
When we do our tour, we gon' need bigger venues/
I bet McDonald's put tamales on the menu, putos/
(Mike Jones)
Mike Jones, (Who?!) Mike Jones, Jones, Jones
I'm on the grind that's why I shine/
I lay the rules down all the time/
I hit the club spend like a pound/
Hop in the drop and let my top down/
Piece and chain, watch it blang/
Open mouth, watch it shine/
M.O.B. 'till I resign/
'Cuz Mike Jones stay on the grind/
2813308004 hit a nigga' up on the low/
'Cuz Mike Jones about to blow/ got the whole world sprung/
Gimm'e 2 more years and my website'll be number 1/
Mike Jones, Chingo Bling, we the coldest in the ring/
If we come up with a tour now, we'll kill everything/ (X2)
My album, Who Is Mike Jones? comin' soon/ (X2)
(Paul Wall)
Chingo Bling, Mike Jones, and Paul Wall
What it do it's Paul Wall in the mix/
I'm with my patna' Chingo Bling out here hittin' them licks/
That boy servin' up tamales/
Movin' weight like dolley's/
Duckin' them federales/
Ridin' on chrome polish/
I'm candy paint, swanga's is red so I'm hurtin' these boys/
I'm 7 30 NexTel so I'm terpin' these boys/
I'm playin' with toys/
I knocked off, for SS Impala/
Bought all my cars cash, tell me who's the real balla/
It's Paul Wall, call me the iced out gringo/
Wit' Mike Jones and Chingo/
Wit hoes I mingle/
My trunk pop like Pringles, and wave goodbye/
24 Inch chrome why I sit so high?/
Baby Bash in the deck How It Get So Fly/
I'm sippin' all so you know that my throat ain't dry/
I can't lie I'm on the grind 'till the day that I die/
I'm tryna get myself a piece of that American Pie, baby/
(Mike Jones)
What's up boy. All of my north sides, holla at me.
(Chingo Bling)
It's Chingo Bling, A.k.A. The Tamale Kingpin. Mike Jones, A.k.A. Miguel Juanes.
Paul Wall, A.k.A. Pablo Parez
Shoutouts to the Choppaholix.
Chingo Bling, DJ Overdose Kool-Aid.
Miguel cinco mil, swisha casa, que paso guey?
Stop bootleggin' our sh*t culeros!

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