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Chief Keef - Ticket lyrics

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Ticket by Chief Keef

These niggas ain’t official (nah!)
Real nigga ain’t in him (hannn!)
Dope all in the spine (dope!)
Probably why I can’t feel ’em
Too much to lose (skrt!)
Probably why I ain’t get em’
Gotta ball out for my dead homies
Probably why I ain’t with em’
Ridin’ around in this Fisker
10 hunnid for this Fisher
Thousand dollars for these louies (beep, beeep)
These here are official
Ball, ball, ball foul give me a whistle
Hoppin out with that style, these here a ticket
[Verse 1]
Walkin’ through the mall, and I’m smellin’ like dope
Shoppin’ in Gucci, they let me pour drink up
This convo, ain’t a ticket? Then I got’s to hangup
Cause I love that blue cheese, like everybody loves Raymond
Come up in strip club, you f**k around get rained up
Go up in my hood, you f**k around get banged on
Loud pipes when, I pull off you can hear it when I swang em’
I’m in this b**ch with a black hoodie, black gucci’s; Trayvon
I parked in a no park and got me a ticket
Told the lord to excuse me for my sinning
Man I swear these b**ches out here trippin’
If I was still in school, I’d have knots all in my dickies
(Lets get it)
[Verse 2]
Free Slick, niggas keep talkin’ that G sh*t
Niggas keep talkin’ that sweet sh*t
Niggas ain’t talkin’ that street sh*t
b**ch my pockets on deep dish
You don’t hustle, you don’t eat sh*t
Ride pass you like I don’t see sh*t
I let it seek me, ion seek it
Gucci! Louis! BANG

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