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Chief Keef - Real Quick lyrics

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Real Quick by Chief Keef

Real quick, real quick, can you do that real quick?
Real quick ayy, real quick ayy, real quick ayy ayy, real quick
Real quick, real quick, real quick, real quick ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
[Verse 1]
Shoot the pistol real quick (yeah)
Pour the sizzle real quick
Spin the fizzle real quick (ayy)
Hit his bizzle real quick
Make it fizzle it real quick (gang)
Make it sizzle real quick (gang)
I hit up shine real quick
My own brother lost some sh*t, he hit up busy real quick
Let me fix it real quick (let me fix it)
My lil shawty got the perks that’ll make you itchy rеal quick
I dont do that stupid sh*t (no)
I smoke a blizzy real quick
Tote thе sizzy real quick (dope)
With a crooked lil b**ch
She let me hit it real quick
So I fizz it real quick (yoon)
Bought a glizzy real quick (b**ch)
I’ll send it real quick, I’ll be itching real quick
Dump the extended real quick (SKRR)
It be pending real quick, imma hit you real quick
[Verse 2]
Real quick cash all a nigga need
Real quick b**ches all a nigga see
Real quick cars all a nigga speed
Quick ball shoes on a nigga feet
Real quick tools all my niggas squeeze
Real quick coupe hella energy
Start it up, she say ain’t see a key
Muzzle vroom vroom vroom vroom like a TNT
And this b**ch came with a guarantee
Real quick car going 200 bout to catch a felony
Now I’m in a lamb but I was on the Lam’
It could be going up in a party, real quick it could be going down
Bend her real quick and then I tor it down
Hopped on a real quick flight hit a bag like im in Florida now
Sunny real quick but now its pouring down
Finesse the plug real quick Newport I had to short him down
Every two days I smoke a quarter pound
Shoot a nigga life, lingerie real quick we gon have to sort em out

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