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Chief Keef - Glory Bridge lyrics

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Glory Bridge by Chief Keef

[Verse 1: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
All fly sh*t I used to go to school like this
Off white kicks my shoelaces say shoelaces
Orange tiger on my shirt I’m in some gucci sh*t
She keep lying on my dick she on some hoochie sh*t
We pull up in 20 Raris on some movie sh*t, yeah
I will never say I’m sorry to a goofy b**ch, yeah
Slide up on her drop her off on my goony hit, yeah
You a dirty little thot, you little stupid b**ch
[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
b**ches in my phone taking space up, yeah
No I can’t be lacking got my face up, yeah
Drip more purple than a laker, yeah (esketit)
Eyes more red than a laser, yeah
Faces on me bigger than fantasias, yeah
Checks be on a b**ch her name be Anastasia, yeah
You can get her back, I’m not a saviour, yeah
Rolling on your ex, Charles Xavier, yeah
I ain’t got no service call me later, yeah
Ridin right past all me haters, yeah
I done spent rope on me laces, yeah
Feds got us on they papers trynna trace us, yeah
Ball with my brodies been with them since AND1
b**ch you only you and yo friends can’t come
Motor make a hood hop, ayy J1
She know I got more sauce than A1
Supposed to be at the gathering at 1
Shawn Carter bag, I’m trynna catch one
She think I’m cute, top me quick, it was a fast one
[Verse 3: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
She wanted me to clean her mess but I got on Hermes, yeah
She tried to catch me on her snap before I got undressed, yeah
If I don’t pull up in no black, I’ll pull up in all red, yeah
30,000 on a rollie, my lil’ b**ch a brat, yeah
I’m in my bag now I’m OD, yeah
I ain’t ever had no OG, yeah
I give money and they lowkey, yeah
Hit her once and then I proceed
And I can’t picture bein broke these days
She gave me head I told her don’t breath, ayy
If you love her nigga don’t tease, ayy
She was covered up in codeine, ayy
You a aunty you a dope fiend, ayy
Don’t get too close if you don’t know me ayy
I chill with shottas chill with proteges ayy
Red bottoms like a nosebleed, ayy

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