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Cheech And Chong - Elmo pimp song lyrics

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Elmo pimp song by Cheech And Chong

Sunny day chasing our cares away and making sure we stay the hell out of Elmo's way, cuz hes one bad mother f**ker, hes one bad mother f**ker
Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
and he'll pimp you too.
Unlike Snuffulumpus, Elmo maked the b**ches huff and puff on his nuts
cuz its like that,
hes a pimp from sesame street, f**k with Elmo and you might get beat
like Cookie Monster got beat
cuz he was playing cards with Elmo and he tried to cheat
But Elmo saw him trying to cheat
so he got out his seat, whipped out his meat and gave Cookie Monster a treat
now that blue b**ch is missing a few teeth
now how many cookies can he eat?
none motha f**ker cuz he got busted in the motha f**king mouth YEAH!
Big Bird Big bird better check what you heard
I hear Big Bird wasn't down with the nerd
I told Elmo about that sh*t
Elmo made Big Bird suck his dick.
Then he hit him in the beak and said you weak you weak.
The Elmo said hey Big Bird get the f**k out the kitchen if you can't stand the heat
Cuz I'm the motha f**kin pimp of sesame street!
motha f**ker...yea

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