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Cheap Sex - Backstabber lyrics

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Backstabber by Cheap Sex

I saw you give that look to me
My eyes were blind, my hands we're tied
But now i f**king see
You're talking sh*t with all your friends
Sick of your lies, you i despise
It's gonna f**king end
You're a backstabber, a backstabber
You're a backsabber
Scumbag full of sh*t and lies
A backstabber, backstabber
It's you that i f**king despise
Tough guy behind the computer screen
Well you are sh*t, you are nothing, do you know what i mean?
Who f**king pays to see you?
No one cares, or gives two sh*ts about what you do
Spreading gossip bullsh*t and lies
High school drama in your eyes
Tomorrow you won't even be a punk
Leather jacket rotting in the trunk.

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